Table of Contents


Rebecca Huggins

Chris Castle
Kale's Sketches

Maddy Stella Fletcher

There are Monsters

Jillian Koopman
Bite Down, Hard

Amanda Curtis
Destiny's Horseman

Daniel W. Davis
The Girl Down Front

Barry Pomeroy
Buying a Half Basement

Rinas Stroman
Black Carriage

Kyle Hemmings
Box of Sky

Neil Coghlan
The Small Town Storyteller

Liz Haigh
Matthew Hamilton
The White Lady

Richard Dyer
Sand Dollars 

Wade J. McMahan    
Vengeance of the Wolves

Mike Berger
The Thing
Cannibal Grapes

Annastaysia Savage 

Erin Fanning
Crossing the River Styx  

Chris Deal

Trisha Wolfe

K.S. Riggin 
The Word of a Pirate 

Nicole Settle
The Boat 

Ally Malinenko
The House

Sara Henry
Liar, Liar

Elle Pryor
One Eye