Black Carriage

by Rinas Stroman

It was a foggy, rainy night when the black carriage rumbled into the streets. As it turned the corner, an abnormal figure stood in its way. Unmoving like a statue and taller than average, the figure's eyes appeared soulless and devoid of humanity. The two horses whined, stopping abruptly so as not to strike the figure in their path. Slowly, the man approached the carriage.

“I’d advise you stop right there,” mumbled a deep, manic voice from inside the carriage, “Any trifle attempts at my life will only ensure the death of your beloved wife.”

At this, the figure stopped, considered. He sunk to the ground, hands fumbling in the darkness. “…It…it’s not true, is it?” he bellowed. “The Cystiane…it can’t be powerful enough to destroy the world?”

“Why yes, my gray colored friend…this is powerful enough to destroy ten worlds, much less this one!” Thunder flashed through the skies. “However, if the composition is what I believe it is, the effects of the pill will be reversed, thus becoming an antidote that will turn you back into your true form!”

“But…what about my wife?”

“She will take the last Cystiane as well…assuming the pill does what needs to be done…” The carriage door flew open. A pill, smaller still than an insect, lay bare on the ground, soaked by the rain. The figure appeared much weaker now, as he gazed up and into the carriage.

“This is goodbye," the man within the carriage said, "I can only hope the one above is beside you."

Instantly the black carriage vanished. Lightning flashed across the darkened sky, followed by great, roaring thunder.

The man regarded the pill, now completely drenched with rain. He picked it up and swallowed it. And then he screamed. His body twisted and turned unnaturally, the bones beneath his skin protruding grotesquely. The rain seemed to weep for the figure, falling at an abnormal rate.

A loud, cawing sound screamed to the sky...and a raven flew amidst the rain…

© 2010 Rinas Stroman. All rights reserved.

About the Author

Inspired by many works from American books to Japanese Manga, Rinas can't go a day without writing a fiction piece for everyone to read. His works have been featured at Moon Drenched Fables. He's writing a serial, Outland Hunter, at