The Thing

by Mike Berger
The air reeked with fear. A flickering
light on the hill stabbed through the
black shroud. Misty vapors surrounded
us; felt but not seen.

Legend has it that a yellow eyed
monster haunted these woods.
These woods belong to him and
death came to those who trespassed.
The monster would tear invaders
to shreds.

Our senses were acute; we stopped
and listened. We could hear the
creature coming. It was tearing its
way through the shrubbery. We could
make out its bright yellow eyes. We
were all too afraid to run.

I deep woeful cry filled the air. The story
stopped. My brother was telling this tale
to impress his girl. She was laughing, but
the rest of us had to change our underwear.

© 2010 Mike Berger.  All rights reserved. 

Mike Berger, PhD, is bright, articulate, handsome and extremely humble. You can see more of his works here.